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This is the writing community of Scenis, also known as ngath , a very lovely, disturbed, and perhaps a tad egocentric soul.

Ngath would appreciate it if you would please ask to be invited to the community by commenting on this entry, or, even better, by messaging her here on LiveJournal, if you'd like a quicker response.

Ngath writes both poetry and prose. While she does think that her poetry has value, she understands that there are many people who do not like that sort of thing and much prefer prose. She will tag each entry, then, with either a "!poetry" or "!prose" tag, so that you may bypass all the poetry that you do not want to view. Please also understand that poetry will come a lot faster and more often than prose, as prose takes time and intricate thought, whereas her poetry is often written on the spur of the moment.

Graciously, and in third person, Ngath bows and leaves you to it.

*This writing community may contain adult concepts.*
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