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Guest View: Paper Swans: Pretense


Female Lead - Naime Civen [NI-eem SIV-ehn]

Nineteen years old and a Clockworker, which means that she can move/manipulate and often communicate with metals. She's quirky and a lot of people think she's insane for speaking to radios and doorknobs and things. In fact, she does go insane eventually; whether this is the effect of something in the family, something in the occupation, or a certain plot point is unclear. Also, it's eventually revealed that she doesn't have a shadow, which means that she's not actually a real person. Weapons of choice are: wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools that she has to carry on her person; whatever's nearby that's heavy enough to do damage and light enough to throw; anything made of metal that she can thwack people with. Personality: distant at first, but she has a soft, sweet-hearted caramel-filled center.

Male Lead - Baltimore Itali [BHAL-ti-mohr ih-TAHL-ee]

Twenty-six years old and a politician (and glorified hitman) for his haughtily rich uncle, Judge Arcus Itali. Is deathly afraid of the shadows and their Underground world. He can transform into an enormous white horned owl, made partially mechanical by Naime's stray powers during the story, but the fact that he can become an owl in the first place comes from his father. Weapons of choice are: knives. Personality: humble to his uncle, because he knows he has to do his political duty; loving and caring for his siblings, whom he adores, and polite to his parents; unimpressed by most everyone else. (He, too, has a caramel center, but it's more happy than sweet-hearted.)

World Description:

There is only one remaining human civilization on earth, taking the form of one enormous steampunk city. (To give you a grasp of how large it is, the ocean borders the south side, and around the north/northwest border, a thin forest, two miles thick in the largest places, is between the city and the desert. To the east/northeast/southeast is a cold, often icy climate.) If it were to be in the modern-day world, it would probably be in the Ukraine and Romania area. The clothing is much like that of the 1800s. Sexism is common only in family-oriented households and in marketplaces; there is none in the workplace. However, marriages are often arranged with none of the woman's say and are often treated badly by their husbands, of whom etiquette commands be at least four or five years their senior. There is no sense of racism because in this civilization there is nothing but Anglo-Saxons.

The city is divided into eleven districts, each with their own sort of personality. The most important to the story are the Central district, the richest and the one which contains the capitol; the Lacuna district, where Naime lives, which is one of the poorest; the Teche district, a place Baltimore often is; the Northeast district, where Naime's sick and mentally deranged mother is hospitalized; and the Calda district, the second richest and entirely residential.

The members-only version of this post contains an overview of the plot of the three existing story arcs. If you are a member, see the full version here.
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